Praxis Releases #PowerYourPlanet Campaign

At Praxis, we’re realizing there is no bigger priority than our planet. That’s why we’re excited to announce our #PowerYourPlanet campaign – lending the earth a helping hand. After all, what’s more important than solving the most critical challenges of today and tomorrow.

Our community cares about the environment, and we are proud to be involved. With exciting monthly environmental campaigns coming up, such as the Praxis Beach Cleanup and tree planting, we’re also making changes to our everyday office habits, giving our employees the power to make a difference!

“We founded the company on the premise that we can Power Your Payments but if we want to survive, now is the time for Praxians and everyone else to Power Your Planet”. – Founder, Amit Klatchko. 

Providing team members with Carbon Neutral, reusable water bottles, energy saving LED light bulbs and Meatless Mondays may seem like small, insignificant actions – but in reality these are huge steps in our journey to Going Green! We are motivating and inspiring our colleagues to take small daily actions in our strive to make meaningful choices. 

With 64% of employees willing to turn down a job if a company doesn’t have strong corporate responsibility, and a whopping 92% of consumers admitting they’re more likely to trust brands that are environmentally conscious, we must remember our core objective: Improve the sustainability of the environment for everyone.

“To pursue sustainability is to create and maintain the conditions under which humans and nature can exist in productive harmony to support present and future generations.” – Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 

This is exactly what we’re aiming for. We’re bringing critical environmental issues to light while making minor yet significant changes in our everyday activity. Let’s come together and take care of our planet, to enjoy all that it has to offer.