Praxis Cashier Launches Seamless Access to SafeCharge’s Broad Alternative Payment Method Portfolio

Praxis Cashier System Ltd. , a leading provider of smart cashier and payment software for the Fintech industry, today announced it has entered a technology-based working relationship with SafeCharge International Group Ltd.

“This was a mutual decision with the primary goals of bringing a highly customizable software to merchants, along with an enhanced user experience for the customers,” said Amit Klatchko, founder and director of Praxis Cashier.

“A seamless integration of the entire suite of alternative payment methods and e-wallets SafeCharge provides its clients is now a reality,” Klatchko added.

SafeCharge clients using the Praxis Cashier software to manage payments can now instantly turn on any desired alternative payment method offered by SafeCharge at the click of a button. In addition, the merchant can dictate limits and geographic rules for each activated payment method.

“For businesses aiming to penetrate new markets that are in need of speedy and reliable activation of local payment alternatives, SafeCharge is a great option,” Klatchko said, noting that it is also the address for merchants on the lookout for competitive pricing.

The technical collaboration between the two companies is a prime example of how the activities of two unaffiliated Fintech parties can complement each other.

“We at Praxis Cashier have every expectation that, with the example of the SafeCharge-Praxis Cashier collaboration in mind, other companies will come knocking on our door to see how they can benefit from our constant innovation,” Klatchko said.

About Praxis Cashier

Praxis Cashier is a technology provider that has developed the ultimate smart cashier software designed with Fintech, Online Gaming, Travel and E-commerce businesses in mind. Praxis Cashier software made to overcome high-risk processing difficulties, bring industrial peace to companies and increase transaction approval rates at various websites by more than 15%. With staff based in San Jose, Barcelona, Limassol and Kharkov there is tech and support coverage non-stop.