Praxis Announces New Integration with FYNXT

Brokers on FYNXT’s platform can seamlessly access Praxis’ services within the platform.

FYNXT, a global fintech firm offering digital solutions for Forex, Remittance, Wealth Management, and Multi-Asset Management, today announced that it has integrated Praxis into its solution.

The integration will allow brokers on FYNXT’s platform to seamlessly access Praxis’ services within the platform.

“This is an important milestone in our journey towards accelerating the payment gateway integrations for forex brokerages,” said Aeby Samuel, Chief Executive Officer. “With “in-platform” access to the powerful payment options Praxis provides, it makes it that much easier for brokers using FYNXT and provide 100’s of build-in payment gateway options seamlessly, enabling a much faster time to market.

Praxis is a smart payment technology provider who offers PCI 1-compliance smart cashier solutions which provides access to hundreds of payment service provider (PSP) options and alternative payment method (APM) connections.

The integration with FYNXT will make set up faster and provide many more deposit options to brokers.

It will also provide brokers access to newer payment options in a rapidly evolving payment technology landscape courtesy of Praxis’ focus on growing the number of options it offers.

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