Meet Praxis Tech

We’ve recently changed our name from Praxis Cashier to Praxis Tech. The needs of our customers have expanded, and as such, we’ve expanded our offering to meet the need. 

Our mission has always been simple.

We aim to empower every online business to achieve sustainable growth through better online payment solutions. We built our brand on our flagship cashier product.

Now, as we’ve matured, grown our product offering and expanded the breadth of our services, it’s time for our brand to reflect that.

We’re pleased to unveil our new name and updated look, while we remain dedicated to upholding the strong brand values that our clients have come to know and trust. 

From Humble Beginnings 

We started out by focusing solely on our cashier product.
Our core team started out as operators before crossing over into the world of fintech. We came with a unique understanding of the limitations that came with other cashiers on the market. We set out to create the perfect cashier solution. And we did it!

Praxis designed a single cashier solution that’s easy to implement and simple to scale. We pride ourselves on our ability to instantly solve countless problems for our many clients who are actively expanding their operations globally. By first zeroing in on meeting the needs of Merchants, we quickly started to learn more and more about the limitations many PSPs faced. In turn, we focused next on filling those needs.

Today, we offer multiple products for Merchants and PSPs alike, all constructed to streamline payments, overcome high-risk processing challenges, increase approval rates and boost volumes.  

Expanding our Technology, Staying Focused on Our Clients

Our clients have always been at the core of everything we do.
We work hand in hand with our customers in order to gain a deep insight into their business challenges and incorporate their feedback directly into every product iteration we make. As we expand our company, our offering and our brand, we continue to keep our clients’ needs at the center. 

Our clients rely on us to seamlessly orchestrate their payments so they can focus on growing their business. For us, building onto our existing products and expanding our company’s offering has always been about service and creating value for our customers. 

Better Online Payment Solutions for Merchants and PSPs

Praxis Tech offers powerful solutions for both Merchants and PSPs. We’re unique in that we create a technological bridge between PSPs and Merchants, providing data handling for all incoming and outgoing payments to ensure smooth and successful payment flows. Integrated with over 450 PSPs, we’re proud to be one of the most comprehensive, PCI DSS Level 1-compliant platforms on the market.

Our product line includes our Cashier solution for Merchants, Praxis GT, our payments gateway solution for PSPs, and Praxis Direct, our API solution that provides Merchants with instant access to our full suite of pre-integrated solutions for payment orchestration. Behind all we do is our dedication to helping our customers to easily expand their business by being able to process payments from virtually anywhere in the world. 

We Remain Your Trusted Payments Technology Partner

Each and every one of our clients have helped us to grow and scale our brand.

We remain thankful and dedicated to continuing to honor each partnership. It’s these relationships that help guide us and keep us focused on creating true value in the fintech market. By understanding the needs and meeting them, we’re able to secure seamless payments for our customers, helping them offer their products and services to more and more local markets, all across the globe.

We look forward to continuing with our tradition of keeping our customers at the center of all we do as we move forward in this next stage.