Customer Success Managers

Meet our #PeopleBehindPraxis 

If you’re already working with Praxis then you’ll be very familiar with our incredible Customer Success team. For those of you who aren’t working with us yet, these are the people in direct contact with our merchants for whatever they need, whenever they need it! 

Our Customer Success team are there from the moment of integration with us, throughout the setups, training, and right through to everyday queries, reporting and general support. Our merchants are the core of everything we do as a business, and these are the people behind that. 

We sat down with our Head of Department, Larisa Vecerdea, to discuss all about the Customer Success team. Larisa has been with Praxis for four years now, and has a background in customer support, sales, and business development. She plays a vital part in the running of our CSM team, leading the way for daily success within her department. 

The team is armed and ready with all the technical knowledge needed to assist merchants with their everyday queries. These members are often the first point of contact a merchant has when sending a request to our team. They aim to assist merchants on the spot with their requests, guiding them through the process, setups and rules of our Backoffice. As a company we pride ourselves in being customer centric, and these incredible team members are testament to that every single day. 

In the past year, our Support Department has expanded and launched the Customer Success Managers Team; a group of individuals with extensive knowledge of payments, technical support, payment solutions, and the software that we provide. Merchants are assigned a CSM and work very closely with this Praxian, from the early stages of set up, all the way through to when they are familiar with our product and looking into global scaling. Their core responsibilities aim to create a direct link between Praxis and our merchants while monitoring each merchant’s transactions, setups and rules to ensure optimal use of what Praxis has to offer. 

“Over the years our team has grown substantially. We thought to ourselves, what else do our merchants need? And we launched the Customer Success team! We are evolving, and we know the merchants need a person to serve them and a contact to reach out to. We develop and understand what the merchants need from us, and then we provide that to them.”

Our CSMs work towards becoming an integral part of the merchant’s team – creating a solid foundation with each merchant while adapting to each business individually. They train the merchants to use our software, giving them the freedom to make changes and amendments on their end. In short, the CSMs are there to make life easier for our merchants. To guide them in the right direction and use our software to increase approval ratios and monitor transactions, payment methods and setups to their fullest potential. In parallel with our Payments Optimization team, CSMs work as a fully oiled machine to cater to all our merchants needs. 

“We are proactive, we constantly check what is going on with transactions, volume, traffic, end user experience of each merchant, and how we can give suggestions or advice on how to improve. We work very closely with the PSP team as it is necessary as a whole, to grow with Praxis, along with the product team to understand the development that the merchants need and new features to improve our flow. It depends on each merchant and their industry.”

Larisa believes that the attention to detail that our CSM department has is what makes our relationship with our merchants different. Merchants find the Praxis team very supportive as they are there to answer all the questions they may have. They pay close attention to all aspects of a merchants integration with Praxis. As a team, they need to have the knowledge of payment solutions, integrations, the CRMs of the merchant, and so much more, whilst providing this in a fast response time.

“The main pain points merchants face today is how to improve their approval rates, a variety of payments to have based on what markets they’re targeting, and for high risk merchants, chargebacks. I believe with Praxis, merchants can solve those pains. You need to offer the end users a few payment options, do not stick to one. Online payments flew during the past few years. A lot of people were indoors, a lot of payments were online and they were from all over the globe. At the end of the day if you want to purchase something online, and do not own a credit card, there needs to be other payment methods at hand – merchants need variety.”

As a leader, Larisa wants to guide her team to each be the best they can be. Not only for our merchants, but for themselves within Praxis as individuals with different strengths and interests. She believes that “care” is what makes the Praxis CSM and Support department different from others. The “values of rules and features Praxis has to offer is endless”, Larisa explains, and her team thrives on being able to provide and guide merchants with a constantly improving product. 

The team has been described as engaging, supportive and diverse. The constant challenges of running this department in the Payments Industry today are vast, but Larisa thrives off these challenges, and uses them to encourage her team and colleagues, creating an all-rounded team to achieve our end goal: to empower every online business to achieve sustainable growth through better online payment solutions.