Announcing Praxis Tech’s Extended Partnership with SoftGamings

We’re thrilled to announce the expansion of our partnership with SoftGamings, one of the world’s leading online gaming software developers. This extended collaboration will allow SoftGamings’ operators to benefit from Praxis Tech’s latest features and product enhancements, including Merchant Initiated Transactions (MIT) and the latest decline recovery features, enabling operators to boost their revenue and enhance their customer experience.

MIT is a transformative feature that facilitates One-Click Payments for customers, significantly increasing conversions and streamlining the payment process for SoftGamings’ operators. Additionally, the latest decline recovery features ensure that operators can recover any lost revenue from declined transactions, further boosting their bottom line.

As part of the partnership, SoftGamings’ operators will have access to Praxis’ extensive arsenal of pre-integrated Payment Service Providers (PSPs), comprising over 525 solutions, as well as new PSP integrations that Praxis can onboard rapidly. This feature will allow operators to further their global expansion efforts and enter new markets with ease.

Amit Klatchko, Praxis Tech’s CEO, said, “We’re thrilled to be extending our partnership with SoftGamings, a company that shares our passion for innovation and delivering the best possible payments experience to customers. We believe that our latest technological advancements will help take SoftGamings’ products to the next level and are excited to be a part of their continued growth and success.”

SoftGamings’ Chief of Banking and Payments, Anna Marinuka, added, “We are delighted to broaden the scope of our relationship with Praxis Tech, a company at the forefront of payment technology orchestration. Our operators can now benefit from Praxis’ 24/7 support team and even receive assistance if required. Praxis’ innovative solutions give our operators an even more immersive gaming experience for their customers, and we’re going to be working closely together to integrate Praxis Tech’s latest technology advancements into more of our products, offering our operators the ability to enhance their global reach and revenue.”

The partnership between Praxis Tech and SoftGamings is expected to have a significant impact on the online gaming industry, bringing together two innovative companies committed to delivering the best possible payments experience to customers. The latest advancements are geared towards enhancing the customer experience, boosting revenue, and supporting global expansion efforts. We’re excited to continue working closely with SoftGamings and other innovative companies, helping them take their products to the next level and driving the industry forward.