Announcement: Praxis Tech New Representative Office Based in the Heart of Dubai

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve opened a new representative office in the heart of Dubai’s Business Bay! As a leading payment orchestration platform, we have grown exponentially over the past few years, offering merchants access to over 525 PSPs and 1000+ APM solutions with our integration. The new office is simply the next step to cater to our growing global base of clients.

Our intelligent payment orchestration back office allows merchants full freedom and control over their payments. As our growth gained momentum, the need for having a base in the fast-based tech hub of Dubai was too large to ignore. The expansion brings a new set of opportunities for both us and our clients; putting in place round the clock support for merchants, access to an exceptional talent pool, and further expansion of our presence in the Middle East and Asia.

Located in the working center of Dubai’s bustling business district, our new office comprises a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing top-tier service to clients. We look forward to working closely with the thriving local business community, while contributing to the growth and development of the region.

By continuing to expand our product offering and operations, we are increasing our global reach, providing round-the-clock support for all of our clients. The new office will be a significant step towards more streamlined service, for both our clients and the end consumer.

Our Co-Founder Amit announced that “we’ve seen an overwhelming increase in merchants onboarding with us over the last several years. This naturally led us to want to open a new office in Dubai to improve the service we’re able to provide. We hope that this will enable us to meet the growing needs of our clients in the Middle East and Asia even more efficiently, while still providing them with the highest level of service. It’s also giving us the opportunity to build bridges with our neighbors thanks to major regional players promoting peaceful coexistence. It’s an opportunity Praxis is excited to capitalize on and be a part of.”

At Praxis Tech, we help companies simplify global expansion and optimize their payments infrastructure. We have grown exponentially over the past few years and are a top payments orchestration platform for merchants looking to grow their business, expand into new global markets, and integrate with multiple payment solutions.

We’re excited to have a new home in Dubai and are looking forward to continuing to serve our clients in the Middle East and Asia, providing them with a top-notch payment orchestration platform and the best service possible.