A Simple Guide On How To Improve Your Online Business

Nowadays, online businesses are opening up at an astonishing rate. Anyone with access to the internet, will probably at some point tries to generate some sort of income through it.
The thing is, anyone can succeed up to some extent, but not necessarily have the knowledge necessary to improve their online business and make it thrive.
Your online business can provide the break that you’ve been waiting for, but do you have the insights needed in order to make your online business grow?

Do you know what you need to do to improve your online business in order to generate the income you dreamed of?

In this short and sweet guide, we will go through a few of the most important things your business needs in order to thrive in a competitive environment which is today’s online world.

So without further ado, let us dive into it!

Presentation & Experience

Let’s say you walk into a store.
The store looks messy, and there are things all over the place.
Not only that, but when you finally find what you were looking for you, go to the cashier and the guy is so slow that glaciers move at a higher pace.

Your online store works pretty much as any offline store would.
With the major advantage of having billions of customers, and the disadvantage of having billions of competitors.

There are certain things, such as the presentation of your website and the functionality of it, that you need to take into consideration in order to improve your online business.

You have to have that breathtaking view. The kind that intrigues your clients to browse your site.

Your website NEEDS to be smooth. The flawless functionality your audience experience will guide them to finalizing the purchase.
Get the necessary layouts to make your clients feel comfortable when they enter your site. Make them feel at home throughout the whole process with a smooth experience. Eliminate all hiccups.

Just like any other marketing campaign, your online business needs to be continuously updated and targeted accordingly for your audience. Just like any other offline store, your store has to be functional and efficient. The longer it takes to load, the more clients you will end up losing.

You need to brand yourself in such a way that it is both functional, engaging and friendly.  What you have to really watch out for is the way you present yourself as an online business and how efficiently you execute the process of delivering the product or service to your client.

Be smart, be creative, be efficient!

Control & Checkout

When you think of control, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?
We are not referring to control as a mind-controlling technique that gives you the ultimate results through brain-washing your clients.

We are referring to the control you have over the amount of influence over you have on your clients.

Controlling the journey of your clients throughout your website in order to find what they are looking for is essential. You need to be able to present with ease the offers, functionalities, and services that you provide.

No one will want to use a website that is hard to navigate, and certainly, no one will want to remain where the premium discounts are hard to distinguish.

Navigating your customers to where your offers are, creates value for your business. In fact, research shows that a whopping 91% of consumers said they will return to a particular online store after they found and redeemed their vouchers.

Having control of your client’s journey through your website is not manipulative.
It’s just easier for a consumer to get lost through a website, and end up not buying anything because they had no guidance.

Last but not least – checkout!

Imagine being at a bar. You ordered your drinks. The drinks came exactly as you wanted them to be and the service was amazing… But then you ask for the bill and they tell you that you have to go across the street to pay… Or they tell you they only accept cash…
Would you go to that bar again? Or even worse, if you knew about the “paying difficulties” from the beginning would you go there in the first place?
Chances are it’s a big NO…

When a client has a smooth journey throughout your webpage because of your excellent design. They have an all-around amazing experience. But in the end, they try to pay and they get redirected to a different dodgy-looking site, do you think they will complete the purchase?

Again, the answer to this will also be a big fat NO.

Having a customized API (Application Program Interface) to handle your payments within your website is a MUST and it is something that is usually overlooked. If you want to improve your online business, this is the FIRST thing you should look into.


Being able to tailor your client’s checkout page according to your requirements and your client needs is considered bargaining power for your online business. You do not want to lose your client at the last step.
On the contrary. You want to make the paying process so flawless that they do not even realize there was an integration of any external software. On top of that, you want the transaction and the process to be fast, reliable and vast.

Fast – because you don’t want to lose them because you kept them waiting to give you their money.

Reliable – because you want something that looks trustworthy and feels strong. Someone that will never hijack their valuable information.

Vast – because you don’t want to lose a client for not having enough payment options. Every audience has its preferences. Make sure you have them.

Here at Praxis, we care. We want you to be successful throughout every aspect of your online business. That is why we created what it’s considered to be the smartest payments software out there.

Contact us with any inquiry you might have and we will explain to you how we can make your online business thrive!